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Developing infrastructure

Design for Life Developing Infrastructure

At a system-wide level, Design for Life aims to develop and influence the supporting conditions that people, communities and organisations need to drive regenerative change in the long term.

How are we achieving this?

Digital badging

Championing digital badging as a recognised learning hallmark for informal learners of all walks of life, especially for the skills needed for a regenerative economy.

Social connections

Working with Meta's 'Data for Good programme' we will leverage insights from Facebook data to better understand how all forms of social connections between people affect the opportunities they have in their lives. We call this ‘social capital’.

Knowledge commons

Sharing the best regenerative ideas, research and practice through open-source platforms, and engaging communities of changemakers to contribute, remix and share knowledge for the common good.

Attend an event about our infrastructure work

  • Design for Life: Social connections

    Fellowship events / Design for Life series

    The Coffee House (RSA House) and Online via Zoom

    Ollie Burrows, Interim Director of Research and Learning, will share how US research is showing the economic benefits of cross class connections, and how we are replicating this in the UK to surface new approaches to social mobility grounded in community needs.

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Explore our other Design for Life areas of focus

  • Building capabilities

    Design for Life supports people to learn and lead. We're unlocking the confidence, capabilities and connections of children, learners and entrepreneurs of all ages.

  • Growing hubs

    Design for Life works across organisations, communities, industries and regions to create new ways for them to achieve regenerative impact together.

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