Sleep or Die | Matthew Walker - RSA

Sleep or Die | Matthew Walker

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Struggling to make time for sleep? It could be killing you.

Bestselling author and sleep scientist Matthew Walker argues that we are sleepwalking into the greatest public health crisis of our time.  Sleep lowers blood pressure, enhances creativity, boosts the immune system, regulates blood sugar, stabilises mood, prevents cancer and increases fertility. It is one of the most-effective medications for all the leading causes of mortality – and it’s entirely natural, side-effect free and costs absolutely nothing. So why are we boasting about not getting enough?

The minds behind the award-winning RSA Animate series are back! RSA Minimates are super-short, information-packed animations for busy people. All audio excerpts are taken from live, FREE events at the RSA’s HQ in London, and animated by Cognitive.  Find out more in Matthew’s RSA talk here.


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  • I have thought that a benefit of Covid19 was to realise we were sleep deprived! Now we have time on our hands to sleep late and being isolated you do not need to explain it to anyone! I cannot see it continuing tho' - it will be back to the 7.30am train soon enough and catch-up dozes! 


  • Eversince the 1980s France has held conferences about the importance of sleep.  In the UK there's still such ignorance & lack of care it's appauling.