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The Future of Work

The Future Of Work

Let’s make work, work for all

Work is no longer a guarantee of material security. And powerful new technologies, like artificial intelligence, mean the future of work could be even more unequal.

We believe good work should be enjoyed by all. Our future of work programme exists to make sure that everyone, regardless of background or starting point, can pursue good work in this age of technological change.

Our principles for good work  economic security, wellbeing, growth, freedom, subjective nurture  are not ambitious in their own right; many people already experience these. However, our ambition is for these principles to be available to all.

By bringing diverse people and ideas together, we believe we can influence a new future of work.

Featured projects

Our research and impact projects seek to advance good work for all. 

Transforming Lifelong Learning

We're testing an innovative and scalable approach to lifelong learning, via a digital careers and employability coaching platform.

Economic Security Observatory

We're identifying where gaps in support – from the state, communities or employers – contribute to the rising tide of economic insecurity.

Global Innovations in Good Work

We're working to deepen and scale the impact of global innovations in good work.

Good Work Guild

We're bringing together a global network of Fellows working to tackle vital issues related to economic security and labor-market transforming technologies.

Major reports

We have been developing new ideas and solutions for the future of work for a number of years. Read more about our thinking on good work.

Work and automation in the time of Covid-19

This report explores how Covid-19 and technological change are reshaping the labour market.

8 ideas for a new social contract for good work

We advocate eight ideas to form the basis of a new social contract for good work.

The four futures of work

This report details four very different ‘scenarios’ for the future of work in the UK. We argue that policy-makers should focus more on how automation will transform all work.

Latest thinking

  • Digital lifelong learning in France


    Veronica Mrvcic Aoife O'Doherty

    Read the findings of our partnership with Bayes Impact, funded by the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, as we supported the design and evaluation of their Jobflix platform.

  • Good Work Guild: inspiring the future of work


    Adanna Shallowe

    Learn about the twelve-month journey of The Good Work Guild and the recommendations its global network of Fellows and work practitioners have made.

  • Scaling digital lifelong learning innovations in the UK


    Mark Hall Veronica Mrvcic

    This report outlines barriers preventing people from accessing UK lifelong learning opportunities and the drivers that could encourage impactful digital innovations.

Our global work

Since 2017, the RSA US has been developing a Future of Work practice to support regional innovations in good work, economic security and inclusive growth. Find out more about this work.

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The RSA has been a great future of work thought leader and partner for Mastercard - its networks, reputation, actionable insights and focus on innovation have helped us refine our approach to social impact in the UK and beyond.

Senior VP, Social Impact, International Markets of the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth Payal Dalal

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