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We first met in 1754, at Rawthmells Coffee House in Covent Garden, London. Ever since, we've been coming together to champion curiosity, creativity and courage to inspire better ways of thinking and doing. Circle, the RSA’s new community platform, is the next step on this journey to unite people and ideas in collective action.

With a growing, international Fellowship, the core purpose of Circle is to provide a global digital space for you to chat, connect and collaborate. Circle unlocks the possibilities of sharing your work in the open and builds the community to drive our Design for Life mission forward, to enable people, places, and the planet to flourish in harmony.

Get started on Circle

To get started on Circle, you need to have a My RSA account. If you already have a My RSA account, your account details will be the same for Circle.

Chat, Connect, Collab Imagery

Chat with thousands of Fellows across the globe in our open community spaces, via direct message or at Circle Live events.


Connect with Fellows in your local area or who share your profession or interests in spaces dedicated to bringing likeminded Fellows together.


Collaborate with the RSA on our Design for Life mission. Have your say and share your feedback on our interventions and contribute to the work of the RSA going forward.

The RSA is primarily a community-convening organisation, and Circle makes it easier for Fellows to share their thoughts from wherever in the world they are. Circle has great potential to continue fostering an inclusive environment for the thoughtful and effective change-makers that the RSA brings together.

Founder & CEO, Kairoi Ismael Kherroubi Garcia

Benefits of the community

Communities are at their best when more of us are involved – the more you put in, the more we’ll all get out. You'll want to be part of our growing online community of Fellows if:

✓ You want to be an active part of an inspirational, international Fellowship

 You’re looking to chat and connect with Fellows near you or who share your interests

✓ You believe more, diverse voices at the table means we’re more likely to achieve our mission

✓ You know our vision is big. We can’t do it alone, and we’re not going to try. You want to collaborate with the RSA and each other to work towards a world where everyone can fulfil their potential and contribute to more resilient, rebalanced, and regenerative futures

✓ You’re brimming with ideas, knowledge and skills to share for the benefit of the Fellowship and wider society as a whole


To get started on Circle, you need to have a My RSA account, register here. If you already have a My RSA account, your account details will be the same for Circle.

If you’d like to be part of the conversation within our online community, you need to join the Fellowship. Find out more about the wide-ranging benefits you’ll have access to.


Circle is quickly becoming a thriving and dynamic online community with the potential to drive positive social outcomes and improvements aligned with the RSA's mission. The RSA’s 30,000+ change makers are now empowered to share their work, collaborate, and develop meaningful connections with their peers. The RSA team are able to tap into the collective intelligence of the Fellowship to inform and amplify programmes they are working on. The RSA now has a powerful tool to help evaluate and optimise its impact.

Digital Steering Group Member (2020-2023) Ann Longley

To successfully work towards our vision, we need to cultivate our online community in a way which allows all of us to comfortably and safely connect, engage and contribute. We aim to ensure everyone has an equitable, enjoyable, and fulfilling experience.

The participation of each Fellow is valued – everyone should feel excited and empowered to contribute. That’s what makes our online community great!

We also uphold the RSA Fellowship Charter and put into practice our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement online, as we would offline.

Circle FAQs

Read our frequently asked questions about our community platform Circle.

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We are here to support you in making the most of our online community. Chat to the Network team to turn your ideas into positive action.