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RSA coaching network: thinking clearly amid complexity: Part II

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Please join us for a Coaching Network Transformational Conversation designed for leaders and changemakers tackling complex challenges, especially those related to issues that appear intractable, or where we feel overwhelmed by the amount of information of decisions facing us. 

This is the second part of a two-part dialogue and we invite those who came to the first one to return with their insights and questions, and those who are joining us for the first time with this topic, to bring their questions and complexity to work with during the evening. 

As we face increasing hyperstimulation (through media and social media, polarisation of the debate, or perceived existential threats), this amplifies a sense of complexity and ambiguity which can distract us from the issue, or reduce our effectiveness to act. 
This conversation is designed to support you to be more clear-minded amid complexity and hyperstimulation. It isn't a conversation about the theoretical nature of complexity, but about how we process, make sense of, and respond. 
During these 90 minutes with a small group, you will:

1) practice awareness-based leadership;

2) identify where and how complexity and ambiguity can disempower us;

3) understand how to break these patterns to function more effectively in a complex environment.  

This event is an opportunity for you to bring your current challenges or explorations and we ask that you find a quiet space, and, ideally, that your camera is working so that you can fully participate in the small group discussions. 

You'll also get the opportunity to connect with like-minded leaders and professionals, and walk away with practical insights to feel lighter and clear-minded.

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