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Peace Talks: peacebuilding, oracy and the importance of the regional voice

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Various Locations

Come and be part of this ‘Theatre of Peace’ community cafe series where we will explore peacebuilding and the remaking of communities through poetry, stories and ‘heart to heart’ dialogue.

1) Monday 15th July 16.00-17.45: Willenhall E-Act Academy, Furzebank Way, Willenhall WV12 4BD

2) Tuesday 16th July 16.00-17.45: Q3 Academy Tipton, Alexandra Rd, Tipton DY4 7NR

3) Wednesday 17th July 16.00-17.45: Anderton Park Primary School, Dennis Rd, Balsall Heath, Birmingham B12 8BL

4)Thursday 18th July 16.00-17.45: Holte Secondary School, Wheeler St, Lozells, Birmingham B19 2EP

At the peak of steel production there were 23 blast furnaces in the United Kingdom. 13 were in Bilston. Hence the name ‘the Black Country’. When the blast furnaces were shut down in the 1970’s, so was part of the heritage, history and stories of the people of the West Midlands. Former engineer, now writer and poet, Peter Hill has written about these changes and will be there in person to read some of his work. 

Philosopher, peace scholar and theatre practitioner Roy Leighton will facilitate the event. The Positive Peace Matrix created by Roy Leighton and Professor Hilary Cremin (head of the Faculty of Education at Cambridge University) will be used as the framework for these creative conversations.  

We will use the poetry and stories written by Peter to explore the three expressions of peace (peacekeeping, peacemaking and peacebuilding) and how they relate to inner peace, outer peace, community and global peace and ecological peace.  

After the four readings for each section (peacekeeping, peacemaking and peacebuilding) have been shared there will be time (about 5 minutes) for you to talk with others about the thoughts, feelings, insights and ideas that have been generated by listening to the poems. 

This will be followed by a short facilitated session (about 5 minutes) for those who want to speak and share their thoughts and feelings to do so. You are not obliged to speak at all. You can just listen. 

This community conversation will last around 90 minutes, or longer, depending on how many people want to speak.

Roy Leighton

Roy is the founding director of Undiscovered Country and has been delivering evidence-based, human centred change and learning programs using positive psychology and theatre practices to businesses, schools, universities and communities nationally and internationally for over 35 years.
He is a senior associate at Independent Thinking Ltd and set up and lead the commercial training arm for The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA Business Performance) in the 1990’s.
Since 2017 he has been is a guest lecturer on peace education, value creation and ‘transrational facilitation’ at Soka University in Tokyo. Whilst studying for his Masters in Philosophy Degree (Knowledge, Power and Politics) at Cambridge University (2020 - 2021) he was elected as co-chair for the Cambridge Peace Education Research Group (CPERG).
He is the recipient of the Min-on Art Award for Peace and Culture.

Peter Hill

Peter is a retired electrical engineer from the West Midlands who ‘loves poetry and writes a bit’.

If you would like to find out more about peacebuilding in schools, businesses and communities please visit the Undiscovered Country webpage: or email:  

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