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Stories from a hotter world

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An unmissable exploration of our rapidly changing relationship with fire and the action we need to take to reckon with an increasingly flammable world

For hundreds of millennia, fire has been a partner in our evolution, shaping culture and civilization. Yet in our age of intensifying climate change, we are seeing its destructive power unleashed in ways never before witnessed by human beings.

In the Baillie Gifford prize-winning Fire Weather: A True Story from a Hotter World, internationally best-selling author John Vaillant delves into the intertwined histories of the oil industry and climate science, the unprecedented devastation wrought by modern wildfires, and the lives forever changed by these disasters.

Join award-winning authors John Vaillant and Gaia Vince to examine the devastating effects of fossil-fuelled climate warming, and to ask: what does ever more flammable world mean for the future of life on Earth?

*Please note this event will be held at RSA House as well as streamed online - please ensure to register for the correct ticket type to avoid disappointment*

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