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Why your organisation needs a social change partner

Good business leaders know that a prosperous, flourishing society with strong networks of support delivering good health, good work and good education for all, is needed for both citizens and businesses to thrive.  

We believe that to successfully navigate the challenges of our time, from sustainable growth, to social inclusion, the future of work to health and well-being we need to come together to design solutions that help organisations remain competitive and relevant for future generations.

That’s why we’ve created RSA Consultancy.  Get in touch to find out how together we can partner in change. 

Why partner with the RSA?

At the RSA we know that change can be challenging, but in a world that is complex and fast moving, we know that change is also inevitable.

We have been working with organisations to deliver significant social impact through systemic change initiatives since 1754 . Working together to co-design solutions that successfully marry your strengths with our social change expertise to build sustainable futures.

We can help your organisation to:

  • Ensure your purpose is aligned to long-term value development
  • Improve your ability to engage staff, stakeholders, local communities and wider society in building the future together
  • Identify where you can reduce cost and waste, improve the health, job insecurity and inclusivity of your workforce and reduce environmental impact, to maintain a competitive edge
  • Ensure your business model is sustainable and your success is underpinned by clear social change due diligence

Our work is co-developed to meet your needs, budget and timeline. With a range of proven engagement practices from workshops and webinars to highly immersive Challenge Labs and longer-term learning journeys and accelerator programmes.

Work with us

Find out how our change experts can help your team innovate.

Our key consultancy offers

Futures and strategic foresight

Supporting organisations in upskilling and capacity building in thinking about the future and how we deal with uncertainty differently through: 

  • Scenario Planning  
  • Strategic Foresight   

Addressing complex challenges

Supporting organisations in upskilling, capacity building, and convening wider stakeholders to address complex challenges and crises through our unique and proven Living Change Approach.  

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Democratising participation and decision making

Supporting organisations to raise important ethical and social questions to shape values, norms, practices and policies through:

  • Citizens’ assemblies  
  • Citizens’ juries 
  • Community engagement 

Research and policy

Supporting strategy, policy, and product development through:  

  • Horizon scanning
  • Policy blueprinting    
  • Literature review and data analysis   
  • Public polling   
  • Market Segmentation    

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The RSA has been a great thought leader and partner for Mastercard - its networks, reputation, actionable insights, a focus on innovation have helped us refine our approach to social impact in the UK and beyond

Senior VP, Social Impact, International Markets of the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth Payal Dalal

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