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The Living Change Approach

Our Living Change Approach is for everyone who is passionate about making social change happen. 

Change makers know that social change is difficult. We recognise that change is not a simple linear process and the challenges we are facing are simply too complex and intractable for a single discipline or organisation to address in isolation.

Living Change needs to be everyone's business if we are truly going to shift the needle

Director of Design and Innovation, The RSA Dr Joanna Choukeir

What is the Living Change Approach?

It is the way we unite people and ideas in collective action to create opportunities to regenerate our world. To effectively realise lasting change and deliver impact at scale. 

It’s our proven, multidisciplinary way of bringing together our insights, research, tools and practices, alongside our unique global network of changemakers, who work collectively to enable people, places and the planet to flourish.

We help you not only to anticipate change and future-proof your work, but to also come together and collaborate to resolve the challenges we face. 

We need to approach change in a way that allows us to experiment entrepreneurially

Dr Joanna Choukeir

Our approach is both flexible and dynamic. The Living Change Approach allows those we work with to experiment and learn quickly, to adjust when things don’t work and accelerate when they do. We combine our knowledge of the system with the agility to act responsively and entrepreneurially to shape inclusive, equitable and sustainable futures. 

It reflects the society we are working in, a living system - ever-changing, inter-connected and unpredictable.

How does it work?

Stage 1  

Understand the societal challenge, the system we are concerned with, and identify the overarching ambition for change.    

Stage 2  

Through rigorous research and analysis clarify scope and work collaboratively with partners to gain knowledge about the key actors, power dynamics and processes that are sustaining the status quo.   

Stage 3  

Apply our tools, methods (the RSA Playbook) and insights to work with our partners to unlock the challenge and start to surface opportunities for change.   

Stage 4  

Collectively design and test interventions to tilt the system towards change by collaborating with a diverse range of policy-makers, practitioners, Fellows and partners, as well as those impacted by the issue at hand.  


Our Future Change Framework has helped over 700 changemakers to support their organisations and communities to realise change

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